Web application security

increase speed of threat detection and response
of the time your team spent on false positives
more threats that could not be discovered otherwise

Are you sure that you are still controlling the situation?

Monitor Your Web System Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber security should be affordable for everyone

Use Dhound to prevent rather than fix your security issues

Unique and easy
to use
No jargon, everything is visualised, so it’s easy to use and understand
No technical knowledge required You don’t need technical person or IT team to use Dhound
Data Loss Prevention Prevent data leakage by blocking distrustful traffic
No spam alerts every minute Only get notifications in case of suspicious events
No need to maintain or monitor Dhound will contact you when it’s necessary
Customise your own security rules Create your own security rules specific for your system

Supported systems

Take control of your security

Dhound gives you complete visibility of all access attempts to your systems

FTP Login Attempts

Output TCP Connections

Website Logins

SSH Connections

Custom Security Rules

Are you ready to experience Dhound?

Stop hoping your system won’t be hacked.