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Intrusion detection and incident response

What is Dhound

Dhound is a Cybersecurity Platform that detects web threats, alerts about them and learns how to prevent risks in future.

Here’s our story how the idea got born, what inspired us and why we care about web security so deeply.

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Intrusion detection and incident response

Dhound Intrusion Detection

Detects suspicious and anomalous activities on your web servers and cloud environment and indicates an attack before the damage is done.

  • Transparent security process
  • Web oriented environment
  • Out of box human-oriented UI
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Dhound Incident Management

Automates alerting and ticketing for quickly investigation and response to security incidents according to your policies and SLA.

  • Notification center control
  • Customization of security rules
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Dhound Smart Prevention

*Coming soon

Speeds up incident response by automating action plan in case of a repeated attack using other security tools to block suspicious IPs.

  • Learning from each attack
  • Consulting by CISSP expertis
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How it works

Dhound automates your security process while you do business

  • Detect security threats

    Powerful threat detection with built-in cloud monitoring
  • Speed-up incident response

    Effective incident management system
  • Automate prevention

    Smart rules for automating response actions

For whom?

For small and medium businesses (50-250 empl.) limited in time and expertises


Dhound automates your security process, making security issues resolved, rather than placed at the bottom of the backlog.

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