About us

We’re security experts with the mission to make web security affordable for everyone.

Detected attacks

150 000 +

Detected attacks

Prevented data breaches

30 +

Prevented data breaches

Dollars was saved on penalties

2 000 000 +

Dollars was saved on penalties

What we do?

Security-as-a-Service Solution that provides web security monitoring by:

  • agent-less collection and analysis of security events in your cloud environment;
  • agent-based collection and analysis of security events on your web servers;
  • detecting and alerting about intrusions and suspicious activity;
  • auditing outgoing traffic and data leakage detection;
  • tracking events that are important for your online business (logins on websites or admin panel, downloading files, changing account information, etc.)

What are we crazy about?

  • Web security. Internet is a very aggressive environment, and the number one task for any enterprise is to secure exactly what is connected to the Internet. Dhound - is the right tool for your cloud, web servers and web applications to monitor security.
  • Simplicity in installation and configuration process. You do not need to be a security geek to setup Dhound. Any IT specialist will cope with this.
  • Outgoing traffic audit. Most monitor only input traffic, and forget about the importance of output traffic. But exactly outgoing traffic control allows to detect data leakage and prevent the damage that it can cause to your business.

Who are our customers?

Dhound is used by companies whose work is strongly connected with web (cloud) environment. These are web applications: from small e-commerce websites, to large medical web portals. And these are IT companies that want to monitor security on their servers.

Are you ready to experience Dhound?

Stop hoping your system won’t be hacked.