Stop hoping your system won’t be hacked

Dhound will track and alert you about suspicious events before the damage is done

Track logins to your server or admin panel

Find out who and from where is trying to log in into your system.

Control security events in the cloud

Track all accesses and user activities in your cloud

Audit outgoing traffic

Be aware if your system is sending information to unknown sources.

Alerts sent immediately

Get an email or sms notifications if something suspicious is going on.

Reporting feature

Get weekly or monthly reports about your system security.

Create and mark trusted groups/sources

Know these people or IP addresses? Mark them as trusted sources.

Monitor your WordPress website

Control security events produced by dhound wordpress plugin.

Take control of your security

Dhound gives you complete visibility of all access attempts to your systems

FTP Login Attempts

Output TCP Connections

Website Logins

SSH Connections

Custom Security Rules

Are you ready to experience Dhound?

Stop hoping your system won’t be hacked.